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Crownhill Fort, Plymouth

Crownhill Fort

Crownhill Fort Road
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Plymouth’s Best Kept Secret – Most people hardly notice Crownhill Fort as they go past, it is so well hidden from the outside world, and that was exactly the intention when it was built in the 1860s. However, with its massive earth ramparts, hidden gun emplacements and tunnels, it is a place that, once discovered, you will not forget in a hurry.

Crownhill Fort may look like a green and wooded hill but it was once a formidable fighting machine – the largest and most important of the great Victorian forts built to defend Plymouth, and the important harbour from attack when Napoleon III was looking menacing.

Today it is equally important, the only large work of its kind to survive unaltered. Moreover, it is the only one fully open for you to explore. There are four fighting levels and 32 gun positions, many containing real working cannon. Visitors can handle artefacts and even make and lie in a Victorian soldiers bed to experience how lumpy and uncomfortable they would have been for the Gunners to sleep in! The maze of tunnels and passages that make up the Fort are full of sound effects re-creating the shouts and sounds of a Victorian Fort in action.

Children love the unrestricted access to all parts of the Fort and the rabbit warren of passages and tunnels just waiting to be discovered and explored.

The Fort’s buildings contain displays where you can experience a soldier’s life in the re-created Victorian and WWII barrack rooms, Victorian sergeant’s quarters and guard room.

There is a daily gun firing on the parade ground at 1.30pm, Victorian costumes to dress up in, an outdoor junior agility challenge complete with its own Fort and an indoor activity centre.

Crownhill Fort is owned and administered by The Landmark Trust, an independent charity that restores buildings of historic importance.

Crownhill Fort, Plymouth

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