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Tiverton Castle, Tiverton

Tiverton Castle

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Few buildings evoke such an immediate feeling of history as Tiverton Castle. Richard de Redvers originally built it in 1106 on orders of Henry I. It was held by seven successive Earls of Devon of the de Redvers family, and when the last of the line, Isabella de Fortibus, died in 1293 Hugh de Courtenay, a cousin, inherited it.

The Castle was rebuilt in stone. Curtain walls enclosed an inner rectangular court of about an acre, and towers added to the corners.

The Castle continued to be held by the Courtenays for some 260 years, but with more than one temporary alienation to the Crown due to the unsettled state of public affairs at the time. Their high point was when William, who became Earl of Devon, married Princess Katherine Plantagenet in 1495. She styled herself "daughter, sister and aunt of Kings". She was one of the youngest daughters of Edward IV, sister of the two princes who died in the Tower of London, and of Queen Elizabeth, wife of Henry VII, and aunt of Henry VIII. When she died in 1527 she had an impressive funeral at St. Peter's Church next door.

Unfortunately this great Royal connection eventually led to the downfall of the senior line of the Courtenays, and it died out in 1556, with the ownership of the Castle being subdivided by various descendants of William.

The Castle then changed hands. The Giffards bought it at the end of the 16th Century. During the Civil War it was held for the King, and besieged in October 1645 by Fairfax, and fell to him due to a lucky shot hitting the drawbridge chain. It was then sold to Peter West, a rich Tiverton wool merchant, whose daughter married Sir Thomas Carew. The Carews sold it in 1923, and after various changes of ownership it was bought in 1960 by Ivar Campbell who died in 1985, and it was inherited by his nephew Angus Gordon.

The changing dictates of fashion and comfort, together with wear and tear - particularly from the Civil War - have necessitated further change down the ages, and nowadays the building exhibits aspects of architecture from medieval to modern. The buildings furnishings and exhibits reflect the colourful history and development. With continuing conservation in the Castle and walled gardens there is always something new and interesting to see.

 Visitors to the Castle can absorb the fascinating background history of the families who lived here, and see the developments of the buildings. It is great fun for children. Learn about the ghosts at the Castle and secret passages, see the medieval lavatory, climb the tower steps to the roof and see the spread of the town and surrounding hillside, try on some Civil War armour, and stroll round the beautiful gardens.


Tiverton Castle, Tiverton

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